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Ok, so I've gotten some questions and sent out some replies, but I thought this might be a bit easier. So read on if you wonder about what goes on round here!


Q: How do I submit a boy?
A: You go to the "Submit" page and follow the directions. ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS PLEASE!!

Q: How do I beat a gym?
A: You go to the "Gym" page and click on someone's name. Answer the twelve questions correctly and you caught that boy!

Q: What happens if I submit a bishie and the caught image isn't a JPG or JPEG?
A: You will get an email telling you you have 24 hours to rectify it or someone else gets your boy. In other words, for the time being, I'll mail you and tell you to get me a JPG or JPEG within 24 hours if you still wanna catch that boy.

Q: Why are you such a Nazi about the caught image?
A: Because I am. I have a life outside PB and that takes up a great deal of time. Unfortunately that is life. So when I ask for you guys to send me a certain size/format for the caught image and you don't, I feel really disrespected and honestly I don't wanna be nice and just quietly fix your mistake. So come on guys, I'm doing this for you too! Be kind and don't make me be a Nazi!


If you wanna submit a question to the FAQ simply email it to me and it will be added and answered ^_^