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So my lovely trainers, you wish to submit a boy who is missing from your favorite series? Then this is the right place! I encourage everyone who doesn't see the boys they want to submit them here. There's just two things you should know in advance:

1. Submissions take time to process so please understand they don't go up the day you send them.
2. First come, first served. If more than one person submits the same character, whoever's email arrived first is the one who gets to be the 1st caught winner.
Keep these two things in mind and we'll all be great!


Okay, follow these directions and we should have no problems!

1. Decide on one (1) character to submit. You can only submit one (1) character per submission period.

2. Write three multiple choice questions that aren't too hard to answer if you're a fan of the show / character.

3. Get a badge image. Find a good headshot of the character and crop it to NO SMALLER THAN 300X300 PIXELS. Save it as a JPEG if possible and no larger than 100mb in size. (If you want, you can send more than one choice for a badge image, I'll make a choice between the two images for what looks best!)

4. Wait for a response. If you were the first to submit, you'll get an email with your 1st caught super-special badge (hopefully within a week). If you weren't the first, I'll try to send an appology email, (but if I'm really busy I may forget so sorry >_<) but if you don't hear anything within a week, someone beat you. Sorry!

There is now a separate form for submitting bishies. Please use the link below:


I currently leave submissions open, but depending on the number of submission emails they may close periodically. New characters will be updated as often as I can get through submissions (so hopefully once a month) but if I get terribly busy it may take longer. Don't forget that this place wouldn't exist without you and take pity on me when I'm not fast enough to meet your demands. I love you all!