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It's finally back! Yes, it's been several years, but Pocket Bishonen is back! I still don't know what happened to the original (and Tokio) but here's a revamped version! So welcome back home all you Bishonen Trainers!


Well! Real life got in the way of doing decent upkeep on this place, but I am back and ready to go now! Forgive me for being so slow as always!


Ok folks, right here is where I'll update about when submissions are open.



Once upon a time, someone had the idea of "catching" bishonen. Based heavily off the Pokemon franchise, Pocket Bishonen (and it's sister site Pocket Bishoujo) became a phenomenom. People were able to submit their favorite boys from animes, mangas, video games, books, movies, TV, wherever, and people could "catch" them and share in the joy! When the original Pocket Bishonen site went down, I think we all cried. But now it's back and better than ever! Come on in and see who's avalible to catch today!


So here's the drill! For those of you in the know from way back, pardon the new generation ^_^

1. Submit bishonen from fandoms you want to be able to "catch!"
2. Go to the series with your boys and click on your boy's name!
3. Answer the three questions!
4. Right-click-save your "I caught So-and-So!" badge!
5. Do it all again!


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