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Just like in the real Pokemon, we now have some badass boys manning the offical gyms! Right now it's just the Anime Kanto Region, but more are coming! The way it's gonna work is that each topic classification (like anime, movies, video games, etc.) will have it's own gyms that need to be beaten. Ok? OK!


Ok, gyms are different than regular boys. I'm doing it as close to the games/anime as I can understand, by the way. First, they have 12 questions to answer, not three. Next, you can't go to the next (official) level until you've beaten all the leaders in a region and also beaten the Elite Four and the Champion as well.
To do this you have to email me with a copy of the following:

1. Copies of your eight (or less in some cases since not all regions have eight) gym badges for each region you've completed.
2. Which of your boys you want to use in the 5 three-on-three battles.
3. What region you're trying to beat.

A sample email would look like this:

*eight Kanto Region badges as an attachment*
I want to use Gren, Vicious, and Harry in all my battles.
I want to beat the Kanto region so I can move on to the Orange Archipelago Region.

Once I have this information, I will email back with a random result ala a generator. If you don't win on the first try, wait two days and email again. When you win, you'll get a neato badge that looks something like this:

Ok, so if you have any questions, just email me.


Kanto Region Gyms

Gennosuke Kouga ~ Pewter Gym *Boulder Badge*
Jou Kido ~ Cerulean Gym *Cascade Badge*
Julian Moore ~ Vermilion Gym *Thunder Badge*
Setsuna Mudo ~ Celadon Gym *Rainbow Badge*
Dewey Novak ~ Saffron Gym *Marsh Badge*
Ryu Soma ~ Fuchsia Gym *Soul Badge*
Roy Mustang ~ Cinnabar Gym *Volcano Badge*
Lamia ~ Viridian Gym *Earth Badge*